Basically, technology is created to ease humans’ work. Nowadays technology has become the primary needs of humans. Even technology has been used in all aspects of human life, such as in the fields of medicine, communications, military, transportation and education. From those various fields, the implementation of technology in education is still very limited.

In reality, the implementation of technology is more widely used in the field of entertainment. This utilization will actually cause a lot of problems such as abuse and harm to the health. Nevertheless, if implemented in education, technology can assist and accelerate educational purposes. Here are some advantages of the application of technology in education.

Technology can help teachers teach

It can be a tool for teachers to convey their teaching materials to students. With the use of technology in the learning process, teachers can deliver course material with very easy and effective. Teachers who teach using the technology will usually be easier to achieve their learning goals.

Technology will spark teachers’ creativity

It can create creativity sense of teachers. They can be more creative in creating teaching methods. With it, they will be encouraged to be creative because the technology is just a tool that requires a person to operate it. Without teachers, it cannot affect in education optimally.

Technology helps students learn

Implementation of technology in teaching and learning will make students more interested in following lessons. If students are interested in what the teacher taught, it is not necessary to ask students to be serious in learning because students will be active automatically and will not feel the boredom due to learning.