At this time the need for technology, information and telecommunicationstechnology was very high from the start to the middle to the bottom and themiddle to the top. All individuals desperately need technology to acceleratedevelopment or improving the construction of both individual and groupdevelopment. The development of technology which is currently very quicklyis the communications technology, which presents a selection of formstechnology and sophistication.

Development of the communication itself is actually in line with the life andexistence of mankind itself. There are four main determinant point in the history of human communication. According to Nordenstreng and Varis(1973) are:
  1. Acquisition (aquisition) language that is at the same time with the birth of a human being.
  2. the development of the art of writing with a communication based on thetalk. 
  3. reproduction of the written word (written words) by using the altprinter, allowing the realization of mass communication.
  4. the advent of electronic communications, ranging from the Telegraph, telephone, radio, television, up to the satellite.

(quoted from communication technologies in perspective Background &development, Zulkarimein Nasution. 1989:15).

According to Alvin Tofflerthere are three civilizations in the development of the technology itself that is, the age of the agriculture, industry and the last days of the age of information (cited from communication technologies in perspective Background & development, Zulkarimein Nasution.1989: p. 2).

Previous just scratch the back, that the actual communications technologyitself has emerged since pre-historic Times. Where at that time were alreadyable to use a form of communication. But the form is still very simple. For example forms limited the movement of the tool body, as the language ofimages, sounds of bones and so on. But even so, it has been regarded as a form of communication that are appropriate at the time.

Further development has been a little progress a step better, for example inpictograf forms of communication used by the Sumerians, Hierogliph by theAncient Egypt.